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  • Overview

    This app is born by the experience of this app’s developer who has numbness from left thumb to left shoulder in all days by text neck.
    Very effective app from 20’s who will have text neck to 40’s who already have text neck.


    Text Neck Alert is included in ‘ Nature BGM player ’ app and available on App Store.


    Can you expect how damage to your neck when you are using smart phone?

    Over 20kg! Surprised?


    Continuous bad posture will let you text neck.
    Let’s watch the time lapse.

    This app warns your bad posture.

    Your neck supports not only the head, but also your life.

    Take care of your neck!


    【For the people who has…】
    Text neck
    ・Cervical disc herniation
    Afraid to become text neck or cervical disc herniation in the future
    Neck pain, shoulder pain
    Numbness of thumb
    ・It is hard to reduce smart phone operation time
    ・I want to reduce using smart phone but still no action
    ・A stoop
    I haven’t take care of my posture.
    Breast enhancement by improving posture
    ・Sensitivity to cold
    ・Afraid to become cerebral infarction in the future
    ・Mainly desk work
    Lack of exercise
    ・Lack of stretch
    Frozen shoulder


    【How to use】
    Switch on “Watch Posture” switch. That’s all.


    You can change the device angle threshold value by +- buttons.
    When device angle is less than the threshold, you will be notified.


    3D touch is available on app icon.


    【Support background task】
    This app is also working in background. Enjoy Safari or other apps after Watch Posture starts.
    Then, notify when you have bad posture.


    【Auto sleep】
    Notification will be silent when device angle is less than 10 deg (ex. face up).
    Keep this condition in 5 minutes, watching posture will be stop (auto sleep).


    【Your goal】
    Always keep good posture without using this app.
    If you feel lack of exercise, please try “GymReco” app by mapipo office.


    Text Neck Alert is included in ‘ Nature BGM player ’ app and available on App Store.