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    Nature BGM Player is a music player for nature sounds.

    ・High quality Nature Music.
    ・Repeat play.
    ・Sleep Timer
    ・Individual volume level by each of sounds.
    You can set iOS alarm sound with maximum volume, however minimize nature music.
     Support your good sleep.
    ・Background play support. You will be surrounded by nature healing music with enjoying Safari, SNS and other apps.
    ・Posture checker app ‘Text Neck Alert’ is inside. Protect your neck from smart phone usage (PATENTED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY).



    Beach3 sounds
    Bird1 sounds
    Fall2 sounds
    Insect3 sounds
    Onsen1 sounds
    Rain3 sounds
    River2 sounds
    Water1 sounds









    【Sleep Timer】
    You can set the sleep timer for 5 minutes to 10 hours in 5 minutes step.


    【Individual Volume】


    Text Neck Alert

    Please refer here for more details!