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  • Overview

    Shopping Analyzer Price Comparison App is an app that can compare different prices of the same product in different stores and buy in bulk cheaper with considering shipping cost.
    You can significantly reduce time for comparing price among shopping sites.

    【Shopping Process】
    1. Finding the items by keyword, UPC or barcode search.
    2. Compare prices from all shopping sites (left or right flick moves the store).
    3. Decide the target product (long press cell can get UPC or item name).
    4. Re-search with sort by price if necessary.
    5. Nominate the items from cheaper one.
    6. Research shipping cost by custom browser.
    7. Tap Calculate tab.
    8. Solver starts calculation and find the best offer with including shipping cost.
    9. You will find the cheapest combination and understand which item should purchase and from what store.
    You no longer worry that you are reaching to find the final best practice like “How many items buying in which store?”.

    If you don’t like calculation, no problem, Shopping Analyzer Price Comparison App does all the work for you!
    This app uses official shopping cart in each of shopping sites, so you can do secure purchase transaction.

    Once you enter shipping cost information, that information is stored into app’s data base.
    If you choose same item in the future, this app automatically get shipping cost from the database.

    This database can backup via e-mail attached and reuse to other iOS devices.
    Even if you input shipping cost information by several devices, this app has intelligent logic and always mix and keep latest after synchronizing.

    We hope you can save big money using
    Shopping Analyzer Price Comparison App.

    ・Support Walmart.com, Best Buy.com, Amazon.com, eBay.com.
    Barcode scan.
    Intelligent solver brings out full iOS device performance by using efficient CPU usage.
    Database records all inputted shipping cost information and reuse automatically.
    E-mail backup for shop database and share to other iOS devices.
    iPhone/iPad universal.
    Low price limit option for searching efficiency.

    【Use case】
    A1. I want to buy new camera,
    A2. I also want optional lens and camera cover,
    A3. shop A has best price for camera,
    A4. shop B is the cheapest for lens and cover,
    A5. shop C has middle price but shipping free,

    B1. I want some cases of pet bottle water.
    B2. I don’t want to hand heavy packages from Superstore.
    B3. I will buy same products again after all drunk.
    B4. It is helpful to find the today’s best price shop in online shopping.
    B5. Of course what I want to know is the best price of total cost including shipping.

    Tap help button at right bottom, then tutorial for current tab will be shown.
    You can understand the operation step by step.
    Basic process is step left to right at below tab menu. (i.e. Search->Shop->Calculate)

    When first login, help overview is shown, please read it.

    Calculate result about total cost may not be the cheapest one.
    For example,
    (1) nominate items are only high price items,
    (2) search results lost cheapest price item,
    (3) shipping cost information is not inputted,
    Please approve the final price by yourself.
    To purchase items, it is necessary to get account and login to the shopping sites.
    You need to confirm final quantity, shipping cost, price, payment, delivery date, product contains, and so on by each of shopping sites information.
    Your cart in the shopping site has other items you previously selected.
    It is recommended to keep clean your cart before start shopping.
    The information correctness like sale, price, delivery date, payment way, shipping cost is depend on the information in each of shopping sites and has nothing to do with our price comparison app.
    Internet connection is required to get products information.
    Barcode reader uses backside camera.
    Developer of Shopping Analyzer Price Comparison App does not take any responsibility for shopping result, loss and so on.