• Overview

    – Sleep Support from Bath to Bed –
    Today, iPhone Becomes the Bath Light.
    — Key function —

    ・Bath / Sleep Light Illumination
    ・Music Player
    ・Natural DSP sound system called ‘OFURO DSP‘.
    Multi lights / Multi speakers collaborate sound and light with multiple iPhones.
    — Effect —
    ・Give you happy bath time
    ・Fatigue recovery
    ・Assist meditation
    ・Stress relief
    ・Upgrades the sound of the speakers.
    ・Sleep assistant
    ・Night music
    — How to Use —
    【Main Screen】
    ・Bottom right button for app settings.
    ・Bottom left button to select song.
    ・Upper left button to connect other devices for multi lights / multi speakers.

    ・You can choose showing clock or not. If you mind time, it’s a good option.
    【Light Illumination】
    ・Favorite colors and transition speed can be controlled.
    ・The scratch cover film on the display may become light darken especially for fingerprint prevention or privacy safe type. Luster type is recommended.

    【Step for Bath Light】
    1. Ensure the water resistance of the device.
    2. Launch this app.
    3. Turn off Bathroom light.
    4. Play your favorite music.
    5. Put device where avoiding water splash.
    6. Take bath, start relaxing.

    ・Put device with facing up at the corner of the bathroom and reflect backlight to two walls. Light diffuses very nice.
    Sound breaks when water intrudes into the speaker.
    ・Please use a waterproof case when using with equipment not water resistance construction. In addition, even if the equipment is water resistance, do not use beyond water resistance grade guaranteed by equipment (such as sinking in a bathtub).
    【Step for Sleep Light】
    1. Play your favorite music.
    2. Turn off Bedroom light.

    ・BGM can play not only with illumination on but also off (while device sleeps in background).
    【Music Player】
    ・Support 3D Touch on home screen icon to stop music.
    ・Music to be played needs to be downloaded to the device.
    1. Turn on Switch.
    2. Adjust iPhone device volume.
    3. Adjust the BASS or GAIN if sound is distorted (BASS is primary).

    ・Switch on to balance iPhone’s speakers sound quality.
    ・Guitar amp like operation.
    ・Gain (volume)
    ・Easy 3 bands equalizer.
    ・2 flavors for the living / bed room or bath room. Flavor can be switched by device shake motion.

    ・By using stereophonic technology, even if iPhone is set in face up, sound direction is adjusted to you where lying in the bathtub. (Stereo speaker models only.)

    ・It is recommended that set iPhone device volume maximum and adjust volume by GAIN.
    ・Battery consumption will be slightly higher due to advanced waveform processing.
    ・Depending on the model, depending on the processing capacity, sound may skip at the start of playback, system interrupt processing, background processing, etc.
    ・Depending on iOS specification, DRM protected music can not be played on OFURO DSP, however you can play it if you turn off OFURO DSP.
    ・By acquiring DRM-free iTunes Plus format, you can play on OFURO DSP. Please refer here.
    ・It is necessary to download music into Music Library before playing. Third party services like Spotify are not supported.
    ・Since the volume of the middle and high frequency range is reference to the playback limit of low range, the absolute volume will be smaller than switch off. It is suitable for case where you prefer sound quality rather than volume like bathing or bedtime.
    ・The ‘Bath’ flavor assumes that using thick skin waterproof case for not water resistance devices. If you use thin skin type, please decrease TREBLE.
    ・Please enjoy the trial mode for evaluation before purchase.
    Multi lights / Multi speakers
    ・A device can connect and link with other devices that installed this application via Wi-Fi.
    ・Choose one parent device, then connect the child devices to the parent device.

    (Multi lights)
    ・Changes in the illumination of the child devices are linked with the parent device. It is very beautiful because all the connected devices light in unified color.

    (Multi speakers)
    ・When parent device play music, child devices join to play.
    ・EQ, Pan, Time difference can be controlled by Mixer in the parent device.

    (How to connect)
    ・Tap upper left button of the illumination screen, then select ‘Become parent device’ or ‘Become child device’ and connect (automatic connection can be chosen from next time).
    ・The illumination changes will synchronize with the parent device after connecting.

    ・If the timing of color change does not match even after connecting with the parent device, please press the home button once and try to display this application again.
    ・When you use multi speakers, turn on OFURO DSP and play the music on the parent device, child devices will join to play.
    ・If the playback timing of the child devices have time difference, please adjust with ‘TIME DIFFERENCE‘ of the Mixer in parent device.
    Multi lights / Multi speakers function temporarily use device’s clock, so it is necessary to connect to the Internet and keep the time of each device accurate.
    Multi speakers function requires OFURO DSP on the parent device (trial possible).
    Illumination will not be the same color when you compare the device which Night Shift is ON and the device that is OFF.
    ・iOS11 or later is required for parent device, iOS10 or later for child device.
    ・The maximum number of connected devices depends on the performance of the device and the network condition, but about 2 to 3 units as a guide. As the number of connected devices increases, the packet loss may causes sound interruption and delay of setting reflection.
    — Attention —

    Developer of this application does not take any responsibility for submerge or any accident, any loss and so on.
    Your use of this application is at your sole risk.
    BGM is not included in this app. Be with your favorite sound or music!