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    You can play music by the audio device which is connected to Apple TV via AirPlay.

    【How to connect via AirPlay
    Please refer here.
    【Notes on using Multi speakers
    ・Because AirPlay consumes a lot of packets on a Wi-Fi network, sound break may be happen.
    ・Song selection in Apple TV is not possible.
    ・Song title and artwork that are being played are not displayed on Apple TV.
    ・If there is one or more child device, it is better to connect a child device to Apple TV for the following reasons,
     ・Can save the additional data transfer load of the parent device.
     ・You only need to adjust TIME DIFFERENCE for the child device connected to Apple TV related AirPlay connection. When connecting the parent device to the Apple TV, parent device sound itself is delayed, so it is necessary to adjust the TIME DIFFERENCE for all child devices.