Key retainer

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Your keys fit in the card holder.


What is key retainer?
Ultra light, Ultra thin
Use cute bag as cute
Anti theft, Never lost
‘Almost’ card size, why ‘almost’?
Stainless material
How to install keys
Possible keys to install
Very flexible
Where to buy
Terms and condition

【What is key retainer?】
Key retainer is a card size holding tool for small objects. (Granted patent)
Your home key can be fixed to the key retainer via small rubber.

You can carry your key safely by storing it in a card holder of a wallet or organizer type smartphone case.

【Ultra light, Ultra thin】
・0.8mm thin
・Only 7.5g
・Almost credit card size

【Use cute bag as cute】

Cute bags are often small. It is not cute to fulfill of goods into the bag which is almost bursting. Key retainer makes a space by excluding key case.Your cute bag still keeps cute.

【Anti theft, Never lost】

Do you still hunging keys with a key ring in jeans? You will not recognize the location when you lost keys. Key retainer safely manages your key with a wallet or a organizer type smartphone case with no chattering sound.

【’Almost’ card size, why ‘almost’?】
Key retainer is thinner than the key, however assuming the card case will bulge slightly by the thickness of the key, outer shape of the key retainer is slightly smaller than the card size. It is the reason why ‘almost’ card size. Idea for the easy installing.

【Stainless material】
Using stainless, and satin finish.

【How to install keys】
Very easy.

Fix end of key with rubber if you want to fix more stable (optional).

This rubber band can also be used as a stock for when you forget your hair rubber when going out (eating out).

・When folding a wallet or an organizer type smartphone case, the other side surface is protected by the rubber bands in order to avoid scratch.

【Possible keys to install】
Note that unit is mm.

【Very flexible】

・With home security keys.

・Two large keys.

The second key is installed for the opposite. If you cross rubber bands, both keys can be detach much easier.

【Where to buy】
  ↓  Click here.  ↓
  ↑  Click here.  ↑

【Terms and condition】
・Do not use this product for the purpose other than key retainer.
・Please keep it out of reach of small children.
・It is not food. Do not chew, eat, swallow and so on.
・It deforms when applying a strong force. Especially when installing the rubber bands please be careful to put too much force.
・If you extend the rubber more than necessary, rubber will be broken, please refer to YouTube video for attaching.
・Do not stay this product in high temperature, rubber may melt or change characteristics.
・The side of the product is rounded, however please be careful not to cut your hand.
・Key retainer is a registered trademark.
・Key retainer is the granted patent product by mapipo office.

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